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Hijab : Muslim Women’s Crown

It slips gently down their head delicately framing their faces. The veil adds even more beauty to their shining smiles. It’s Kate Middleton, Angelina Jolie, Lady Diana and Rania of Jordan: four among the most famous women of all times, three of whom are princesses and one cinema star. Common people see them as unreadable characters, which only few can approach, as if they belonged to different worlds; in Islam, every woman is a princess of her own, crowned by her precious veil. The veil is choice, the awareness of a lifestyle where a woman, most importantly, devote herself to God and commits herself to establish herself, progress, improve through her intelligence and her abilities. The one and only strength she needs to carry with is the pride of being God’s servant, not men’s, not glamour’s, not money’s nor tradition’s. it’s committing to make others accepting her for what she really is, against every prejudice. The veil, ever since the times of ancient Greeks and Romans, has always been the iconic representation of powerful, aristocratic women, worn to be distinguished by the lower ranks of society. In Islam, woman, simply for being such, is considered special; because even the most powerful of kings will have to lay his eyes down to show respect to her: no matter where she’s from or her social status, every woman is to be protected and honoured “The women that changed the world didn’t have to show anything but their intelligence” – Rita Levi Montalcini




Sono Sara Benedetti. Italiana, musulmana. Sognatrice e scrittrice. Racconto storie. Scrivo pensieri e riflessioni. Una versione moderna e femminile di Robin Hood, che contro i soprusi dei potenti, vuole far sentire la voce dei più deboli, di chi solitamente non viene ascoltato.


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